Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Pledge Card Freedom" deadline approaching

For the past two campaign seasons, Upic has been able to process almost ANY paper pledge card and is no longer limited to "scan card" formats. This new service works with any back-end campaign system as long as it can accept electronic import routines.

This year, Upic is projected to process over 400,000 cards at 99.5% character level accuracy and at a fixed fee per card--price determined based upon turn-around-time.

Our process requires about 2-4 weeks for process set-up and testing. With many United Ways starting their processing season around Labor Day, the deadline for set-up and testing is fast approaching.

We're excited to welcome a number of new processing members this year...either processing the majority of their paper pledge cards OR running an early pilot program: Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas and Phoenix are all participating this year.

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