Thursday, August 14, 2008

Web 2.0 seminar at greatly reduced prices

Many of Upic's members are looking for the next generation platform that will provide interactivity and personalized content to individual United Way supporters and volunteers. Within the technology community, these tools are commonly referred to as Web 2.0.

Upic enjoys a wonderful relationship with Northern Kentucky University's Infrastructure Management Institute who is sponsoring a national program on Web 2.0 University September 23 and 24th.

This same seminar costs nearly $900/day Chicago and Boston, but through NKU and related sponsorships only costs $99/each day via this registration link. (Thanks PRosh for the correction).

For hotel discounts, please contact us at this link.

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PRosh said...

I just wanted to clarify that the registration cost for the Web 2.0 University is $99 per course. There is one course offered each day on September 23 & 24.