Thursday, October 9, 2008

Google's answer to EWI (Emailing While Impaired)

Ever come home from a long day (or night out) and plopped down in front of the computer and emailed something you immediately regretted? This syndrome is better known as EWI or "Emailing While Impaired".

Well, the folks at Google have just the answer, using their gmail service. It's called "Mail Goggles." It works by activating the gmail add-on and customizing when you want the Goggles to stop you from impaired emailing. For example, nights from 10pm-6am might be a good idea if you're a morning person like me.

When you're in that time window, you will have to answer a series of simple math problems that might not be so difficult when you're alert but if you're having trouble answering them, you get a gentle reminder from Google that perhaps it's not the best idea to press "send" after all.

Let's bring a halt to EWI. Give Mail Goggles a try.

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